Do you have difficulties learning English? The scientific explanation says – it's not your fault!
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How can you learn English in 30 days? Science just proved that's possible!

This contemporary 30-day language learning system has been developed on the basis of the knowledge provided by the phenomenal hyperpolyglot Professor Anjey Gavronsky – famous for fluently speaking over 60 foreign languages – and the linguist Giuseppe Mezzofanti who spoke 38 languages with ease. In only 4 weeks this system would allow you to become as fluent in English as you would be if you attended a one-year language course!

Some stories claim that the number of languages prof. Gavronsky spoke and understood was 60 languages, but more than 100. Some even suggest the number was around 140...

By now 797 150 people in South America and Asia have learned English thanks to the system of The Phenomenal Hyperpolyglots Gavronsky and Mezofanti. Owners of language schools are terrified by the fast popularization of this method that anyone can use at home. What frightens them is the possibility that soon most people would find out about the secret method and start learning English at home – a lot more successfully than in a school.

Only in 4 weeks and regardless of your age, education, or experience with learning English, you can become such a fluent English speaker that all of your family members, friends, and coworkers would be greatly astonished and deeply impressed. Even those who were ready to bet you had no talent whatsoever for learning English would not believe you if you told them your learning process had been going for only 30 days!.

Аnd this would be the beginning of your success, not the end!

Why it is so easy to learn English with the system Language3Days?

Because it increases the productive work of the brain up to 5 times. Do not think that it is already too late for you to start talking a foreign language! There is no wrong moment for that! Moreover, you never thought you can achieve this in 30 days. That is how much your life is going to change:

  • in 30 days you will be speaking, reading and writing English with confidence
  • you will be able to read anything you want on the Internet
  • your family, friends, and colleagues will admire you
  • new doors will open before you – you will be more respected and valued.

What is the mystery behind this method?

All other standard methods for learning English work with that part of your brain which has weak capacity for memorizing new information and creating associations. As a rule, they do not promote efficient cognitive processes. What the interactive learning system Language3Days do is that it works with that part of the brain which allows fast memorization and effortless accumulation of new data. It uses 100% of your learning potential that is stored unused in the depths of your subconscious.

The method is based on the simultaneous stimulation of both the right and left hemispheres of our brain (called Whole Brain Synchronization). The system Language3Days works so that they engage the two hemispheres of the brain in the process of learning, understanding, and storing new information. Thus your capacity increases 5 times. This leads to a significant improvement in your cognitive abilities and you remember new words within the right context, which makes your knowledge easily accessible and logical at any moment you need it. This facilitates associations within the brain that make it possible to remember new words effortlessly and use them within the a wide variety of contextual situations.

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Traditional foreign languages learning methods Multilinguisti Fenomenali's formula - after 15 minutes of learning Multilinguisti Fenomenali's formula - after 2 days of learning.
Standard foreign language learning methods can activate just one little part of your ability to memorize and to make associations. They only require a little fragment of brain structures, therefore they don't sustain in a effective way the cognitive processes. The formula consist in the principle of theWhole Brain Synchronization. Both hemispheres can be activated - right and left. Laboratory tests have represented the brain functioning of participants in the experiment, during the learning with Multilinguisti Fenomenali's method. Even after 15 minutes, it could be observed a great increase in brain structures activities and a cognitive processes support, too.

What do people say about Language3Days - the learning system based on the Formula For Fast Learning Developed By The Phenomenal Polyglots:

When I was looking for a job after I had lost my old job I had the chance to choose between several offers because all employers were all so impressed with my excellent English. None of them expected that from a 47-year old man! And it happened thanks to the one month I spent studying English with the system Language3Days" - John Linx

Who will benefit from using this method?

Everybody. You are an absolute beginner? Only in 2 weeks the psychological barrier that stops you from speaking English will be broken down, and you will be getting more and more fluent using a wide range of new words and phrases. You can speak and write in English but you're not satisfied with your current level? Your pronunciation is going to become better and only after the first 2 days of using Language3Days you will have memorized a great number of words and idioms without effort or hard work! Regardless of the level you start from, in 2 weeks you're going to notice a significant change in your vocabulary, listening skills, and ability to write correctly and understand English speech. Only in a month you will most probably speak and understand English as though you have been attending a lengthy course! If that somehow doesn't happen, you can always count on our special money back guarantee and get your money back. We will ask no complicated questions and will give you back the full amount of money you paid for this method.

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Mrs. Rogers didn't believe that one can learn a language after the age of 40. Nevertheless, thanks to the system Language3Days in less than 30 days she was able to speak, read and write English so well that when she applied for an open position in a foreign company they immediately hired her!

*If you are not satisfied with the results achieved through this method, within 30 days from the day of purchase you can write to us, and we will pay you all the money you spent without asking unnecessary questions. All you have to do is write to our consultants on the email address given on this site.

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In only 4 weeks you will be speaking the language as though you have been attending a one-year course!